Support for this plugin is available through main Dev4Press website at That includes tutorials (both video and text) and access to support forums. Each user that purchased license for this plugin or plugins pack can manage own account over at Dev4Press and access the support.

General Support Rules

  1. Twitter direct messages and tweets in general can’t be used for support, and all support related question sent through Twitter will be ignored.
  2. Before asking for support, please check plugin/theme requirements and make sure that your system supports it.
  3. With each support request you need to enter plugin/theme version and WordPress version. PHP and mySQL version can be provided and can be useful for some issues.
  4. Response time for any support request doesn’t cover weekends or other non-work days like holidays or maintenance of the website/forum/server.
  5. Holidays and maintenance related periods that will be announced at least two weeks ahead in the publicly open announcements sub-forum.
  6. Directly sent emails for support will be ignored and deleted. Email support is available with developer licenses, and you must use email tickets system to submit them.
  7. If you use modified WordPress (changed some of the core files), and you have problems using the plugins, help can’t be provided. We support use of our plugins and themes with only official releases of WordPress!
  8. You also MUST use plugins downloaded from this website alone (lite or free editions can be downloaded also from, to avoid unauthorized modifications and make sure that we can help you at all.

GD bbPress Toolbox Specific Support Rules

  1. Support can be provided only if you are using plugin version of bbPress, versions 2.0 and higher. bbPress built into BuddyPress is not supported.
  2. If you are using theme that doesn’t properly support bbPress plugin templates implementation, we can’t provide help. Plugin system requirements page has more info on this.

Support Forum

Dev4Press team will give support through support forum. This is main way to get support if using tutorials and documentation is not enough. Support is available during workdays, from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00 (CET or GMT+1). During this period we will respond to all support questions in the support forum. Initial response in the forum inside the support period is usually less then an hour. For most queries, resolution time is between 2 and 36 hours. If the submitted query is more complex, response time is between 24 and 72 hours.

Keep on topic! Questions must be added to right forums, or they will be deleted. If you don’t have license for a product you need help with, don’t post questions in other open forums. We will remove such topics.

Check the forum for previously discussed topics to avoid duplicating content, and to speed things up. Support forums can be used not only to reporting bugs, but you can also ask questions about any of the plugins features, you can ask for help in using plugins, integration, suggest improvements and more. All queries in the forum are subject to support time restrictions, but be sure that everything will be answered as soon as possible.

Email Support

Email support is available only with developer license. By purchasing the license, you will get access to the ticked submit system on your user dashboard on Dev4Press website. Email support tickets can be used to resolve bugs and other problems that are related to the use of the plugin, integration, conflicts with themes or other plugins, problems with following and applying solutions from documentation or tutorials.

By purchasing single product developer license you get 4 tickets with 2 more each year. For bundle packs of plugins or theme club membership, you get 8 tickets and each year you get another 4. You can buy more support tickets if you need them. Accumulated support tickets can be used as long as the license they are belonging to is active. Once the license is canceled, all remaining support tickets will be void.

Email support response depends of the time of day, but immediate first response can be expected during work days between 9:00 to 22:00 (CET or GMT+1) under 2 hours, and for most queries, resolution time is between 6 and 24 hours. If the submitted query is more complex, response time is between 24 and 36 hours. Same weekend and non-work days rules apply as for the forum support.

Fixing bugs

Dev4Press team will fix all reported bugs in the shortest period possible. In most cases that will be within 24 hours of the initial report, or most 48 hours for more complex problems. Bug fixing process will generate new plugin releases each day (nightly release) if needed and if the bug is severe, or in case that more than one or two bugs are fixed at the time, minor version of the plugin will be released as soon as possible.

Modifications support

If you need new feature for a plugin, you can use suggestion topics in the forums. These suggestions are processed every few days and the most interesting and useful ones will be put into the implementation queue. Depending on the complexity of the feature this can take some time.

Also, you may need some modifications done exclusively and quicker than it would take using suggestions, in some cases we will be able to provide such service, depending on the available time for custom work. Use contact form for such custom work.