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New website and new prices

Website for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin is updated along with all other Dev4Press websites. Plugin now uses xScape based fully responsive theme reXposed. Here are some more things you need to know about upgrade.


GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.6.1

New GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.6.1 brings two new features for enhancing the subscribers notification for new replies to topics. You can now change email sender info, content and subject for these emails with special tags.


GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.6

New GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.6 two new modules: control over fancy editor for topics and for fancy editor for replies. Both include several options that are disabled by default from bbPress 2.3. Option is added to disable any number of BBCodes.


Free plugins updated for bbPress 2.3

Our free plugins for bbPress are updated: GD bbPress Attachments 1.9.2 and GD bbPress Tools 1.4. Updates contains many bugs fixes and improvements. Both are tested with bbPress 2.3, and they no longer support bbPress 2.0.

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